Realm 1: Rock Consciousness

The first of the 16 realms is the realm of rocks, minerals, mountains, and other non-organic forms of life. Rocks exhibit a form of life, even though they don’t move, speak, grow, or learn as we do.

Most of us don’t sense the life in rocks except in a few instances:

rubies1. Mountains – Most of us are impressed by large mountains and can feel the life that exudes from them.

2. Boulders – When you sit on large boulders, you might notice a sense of peace and solidity. You might even feel the stress and hoo-hah of life settle down – or even seem to dissipate when you sit on a boulder.

3. Gems – Not only are gems like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies beautiful, but they also have a vitality that is very noticeable to many people.

That is rock consciousness.

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  1. richard says:

    Have you ever really looked at a significant rock boulder and ever seen a face ? I have seen thousands with definite faces on them and many are even shaped like animals and have never heard anybody else ever mention this anywhere. I have many photos to back up what I am saying.

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