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Realm 2: Plant Consciousness

The second of the 16 realms is the realm of plants, including trees, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and more.

Plants react to emotions. Plants react to love. Plants react to hate.

Many gardeners rely on these reactions to encourage plants to grow, to flower, and to bear fruit.

That is plant consciousness.


plants plants plants


Wikipedia: The notion that plants are capable of feeling emotions was first recorded in 1848, when Dr. Gustav Theodor Fechner, a German experimental psychologist, suggested that plants are capable of emotions and that one could promote healthy growth with talk, attention, and affection.

Whether Fechner’s suggestions (or other research done since then) are true really isn’t important. As a practical matter, many gardeners have found that acting as if plants have emotions pays dividends in growth and production.

Realm 1: Rock Consciousness

The first of the 16 realms is the realm of rocks, minerals, mountains, and other non-organic forms of life. Rocks exhibit a form of life, even though they don’t move, speak, grow, or learn as we do.

Most of us don’t sense the life in rocks except in a few instances:

rubies1. Mountains – Most of us are impressed by large mountains and can feel the life that exudes from them.

2. Boulders – When you sit on large boulders, you might notice a sense of peace and solidity. You might even feel the stress and hoo-hah of life settle down – or even seem to dissipate when you sit on a boulder.

3. Gems – Not only are gems like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies beautiful, but they also have a vitality that is very noticeable to many people.

That is rock consciousness.